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Our Towing vehicles are big, stable and powerful.  An onboard 14 tonne winch and up to date recovery equipment, 12/24v vehicle starting capabilities and compressor complete the package.

Our vehicles are gps tracked and have full time cameras both at the front, rear and side of the vehicle  keeping a continuous eye on your load and real time uploading of video to an on-board computer storage system.

Our Trailer tilts to accomodate low vehicles and has it's own on-board 14 tonne electric winch.

Full contact is maintained with the driver and Sony HD video of loading and off-loading is offered. 

All signed paperwork is forwarded immediately with instant photographic evidence sent to an email address of your choice. 

We do not employ 3rd parties and you are provided with a complete door to door service by us which can include 'hand over' instructions and demonstrations of vehicles. 

We comply with all safety and PPE requirements should your vehicle be sent to or collected from a restricted site.

Collection and delivery work is charged by the mile from the pick up point to the delivery point with no further costs.

A range of payment options are available.



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